Planning competitions constantly present us with new challenges. They allow us to test our knowledge and abilities and motivate us for new tasks.

Award-winning contests

Landscape-planning and implementation contest Lennepark in Finnentrop, Purchase 2012
State garden show, Paderborn
Staff Landscape Park, Lemgo

Municipal squares and pedestrian areas
  • Pedestrian precinct, Brilon
    3rd prize
  • Gutenbergplatz, Arnsberg
    1st. prize
    Design of town square 0,5 ha
  • Hüstener Markt
    2nd Purchase
    Design of town square 0,4 ha
  • Pedestrian precinct Marburger Strasse, Kreuztal
    4th prize
  • Pedestrian area, Rochlitz

Urban development implementation competitions
  • Hagen Emst IV,
    1st prize
    Development area for 500 WE covering 35 ha,
    Industrial estate covering approx. 20 ha
  • Eslohe
    Residential area, Rochusweg
    1st prize
    Task: 30 WE over 0,7 ha

Number of contests entered in Germany and abroad: approx. 30